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what does peace mean to you?

The students at Flagler Beach Montessori celebrated international peace day with their own peace night.  Below are some quotes about what peace means to them.

Ryan H. – “Kissing”

Lincoln – “Hugging”

Cash – “Be gentle with hands and give love”

Ryan S. – “Love animals”

Kyra – “Share”

Caly – “Be gentle with toys”

Casey – “Love”

Carly – “Mom and Dad”

Landon – “Cars”

Marley – “No hitting”

Austin – “Peace Dove”

Tyler – “Peace means I love you and God”

Sam – “Love”

Karina – “Being gentle to animals and crisscross applesauce is peace”

Vinnie – “Trees bring peace”

Benjamin M. – “Wind brings you peace”

Braeden – “Can’t break other people’s things”

Makena – “Heart”

Ben P. – “Peace”

Christian – “Birds”

Reid – “Not knocking down people’s towers”

Emily – “I love my special dog Cocoa and snow deer”

Melissa – “Loving animals”

Eli – “Smile”

Tanner – “To care for the earth”

Garrett – “Joy in the heart”

Below are some links to invovle your child in world peace

Children’s International Summer Villages
Peace Child International
International Kids Club