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Staff of Flagler Beach Montessori 



Kerri is the head of School and Elementary Montessori Teacher.  She served as a Primary lead Montessori Teacher here before moving up to the Elementary Level with her son and his classmates. She is Florida State Certified K-12 in Special education/EH and Pre-K / Primary PK-3. Kerri served in the Florida Public School System as a teacher for many years and has over 30 years experience working with children and adults with various "exceptionalities/challenges" in school and home environments.  She has her BS in Psychology and is certified by the Department of Children and Families. She is also CPR/First Aid certified and has completed studies in Holistic Health and Nutrition; Global Peace and Personal Awareness. Kerri is completing her Elementary Montessori Training (ages6-12).  Kerri created Flagler Beach Montessori School with her family so that her son and our community could experience a truly authentic Montessori educationsl experience.





Carol was Owner/Director/Teacher for Flowers Montessori School in Gainesville for over 28 years.  She is a Lead Primary Montessori Teacher with an Advanced Director Credential, she is currently a Montessori guide for the Center For Guided Montessori Studies/International Montessori Council, she completed her Montessori studies with Mario Montessori (Maria's son),  she is also CPR/First Aid Certified and Certified by the Department of Children and Families.  She serves as a Montessori Consultant for Flagler Beach Montessori School.




Lisa serves as our Primary Montessori Teacher and has completed her Montessori Primary (2.5-6) training. She has over 30 years of experience working with children in preschools and summer camps. Lisa also has years of experience as an office manager in several preschools and medical offices. She also organizes and oversees Summer youth group programs in Georgia and Florida. She is certified by the Department of Children and Famlies.  She is certified in CPR/First Aid. Lisa has been with us since the beginning of our schools creation and is a mother of two beautiful and creative Montessori children that attend FBMS.






Carolann is one of our Primary Montessori Guides. She is certified by the Department of Children and Families and is currently completing her pre-kindergarten certificate.  She is certified in CPR/First Aid.  Carolann studies LIberal Arts and Humanities and is very passionate about Montessori education.  She is an amazing mother and her family has donated so much time and energy into making our school what it is today.  Her wish is "to make the world a better place for all who inagbit it."  Both of Carolann's loveing and peaceful children attend FBMS.



Helen  : Art Teacher and Art Club Teacher/Coordinator

Helen is an Artist who has taught as a primary teacher for over 15years.  She has a BFA in Sculpture and Design from the University of North Florida, a BS in Nursing from the University of Minnesota, and Waldorf certification from the East Bay Waldorf Center in San Francisco.  Helen has taught adult community education and has been a school board memeber and president. She is a state of Wisconsin Board Certified Speech/Forensics adjudicator and has also served as an elementary lead facilitator for Odyssey of the mind. Recently she has been teaching adult and children's art at the Ormond Memorial Museum and at the Florida Hospital Memorial Medical center as well as from her studio in Ormond-by-the-Sea.  She believes that art and creativity are essential to the holistic growth of all beings and a necessary and integral part of teducation.


Alana is a mother of two beautiful children that currently attend Flagler Beach Montessori.  Montessori philosophy has always been a desired education for her children and a passion of hers.  She is a Montessori primary lead teacher certified in both Voluntary Pre-k and with the Department of Children and Families.  She has a Bachelors degree in fine arts majoring in photography and finds great joy in art and life!

Chris & Carolyn

Chris Casper is a college graduate from Lynchburg College in VA. He loves children and sports. Since their 3 children have started team sports he has always been involved in coaching their teams. As an extreme and team sports athlete Chris promotes health and physical conditioning. He loves sharing his knowledge with the children.

Carolyn Casper is a college graduate from Clemson University, in SC. She began her early career years in the sports marketing industry. Carolyn was involved in putting on various sporting events and worked on projects with The NY Jets as well as Major League Baseball. She also worked for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta and the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan. Carolyn loves watching children improve and reach new athletic milestones from their practice and determination.

Chris and Carolyn love to be involved in their children’s activities and thought bringing a sports program to Flagler Beach Montessori School was a great fit. So in the 2013/2014school year their Physical Education Program began. They are excited to continue the program and hope to inspire children to be physically active and fit and help them discover a passion for sports and maintaining an active lifestyle.




 Lyn Yoga Teacher

Lyn is our lovely Yoga instructor.  She is certified from the Southern Institute of Yoga Teachers.  She began a yoga program in Flagler County teaching second and third grade students at Wadsworth Elementary School.  She developed and currently teachers a Yoga Program for the Daytona Beach Regional Detention Center.  She also teaches yoga to the IB students at Flagler Palm Coast High School.  Lyn teaches many other classes in Flagler Beach and the surrounding community.  She loves to incorporate “mindfulness, confidence and self discipline” into her practice.  Our children love her peaceful and loving energy and enjoy the element of touch and massage that she incorporates into her practice.  Lyn also offers yoga classes to our school families!