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Welcome to Miraculous Montessori Moments...Why the World Needs More Montessori









Layered Beauty

Many magical and spiritual moments quickly pass us by unknowingly....Always know that when a child is in our presence that somewhere close by a discovery is being made and if we tune-in and take time to listen to the words and really watch the actions of our lessons, or better yet, spiritual awakenings are to be revealed.......if only we open "our selves" up to them.

This beautiful picture of a marigold, cushioning a snail is one of those creations that almost slipped by me, unnoticed.  My heart stopped when I discoved it during our evening planting last night.

While planting our garden, Ryan leaned down, stood up and said, "Mommy, Look how beautiful the design is on this snail."   We observed it closely and admired the multicolor swirls and intricate patterns.  Ryan, took a deep breath after looking at it and we continued our gardening.  It crossed my mind for a moment to suggest that Ryan make sure that there wasn't a living creature inside of the snail and to put it in a safe place so he wouldn't be upset later if he had to look for it.  Those thoughts came and went.  We finished our planting for the evening.

A bit later, I went out front to water the flowers in our flower box.  I lost my breath at the sight of what I found.  It was this marigold, cushioning the delicate heart and every ounce of my being smiled with a sense of appreciation for my son, his discovery and for his gentle resting of this treasure.  What a life lesson........had I not gone out to water....I, perhaps may never have made this amazing discovery that I will remember and cherish forever during this lifetime.

Take time to open your hearts, ears, and eyes and arms because this magic is present only for a moment...


A book that everyone must read……

Today, I am taking it upon myself to add a beautiful children’s book to our world’s collection of “Great Works”.

The messages in the writings parallel those messages left by Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Jesus, Krishnamurti, Buddha and many masters of our worldly existence…

There are many powerful books out there.  Ones that come to mind are:  the Bible, the Qur’an, the Book of Mormon, the Tao Te Ching, Siddhartha, The Absorbent Mind, the Pyramid Texts of Ancient Egypt, The Diamond Sutras, the Vedas and the Bhagavad-Gita, Tanakh, the Torah, the Divine Principle, the Book of Shadows and The Montessori Way…. and of course, being a lover of animals and deeply concerned about their treatment….Eating Animals.

I share this new book with you as a reminder of how powerful written works are.

The above books are very deep and influence and change many lives….but I’d like to share a book that should be at the top of this list as one of the most powerful books in the world. 

Many of the above books have influenced my life…but not like the book I’m about to share has.  

My title for this book is

The Book of Tanner

This book of true spirituality was created during one morning work cycle in our Montessori Children’s House between the hours of 9:20 and 12:00 on July 7, 2011.

Tanner so carefully prepared his work space with the tools that he needed to create his masterpiece.

I watched as Tanner gathered paper, a pencil and a stapler.  He seated himself on his knees at the Sketch table and positioned the table so that he had the space he needed to create.

I went about my morning giving lessons and observing our children absorbed in their work.  Amazed, as usual, at what you truly witness if you take the time to observe.  My observations are what allow me to understand our children on a deeper level and serve them accordingly.

Periodically, I would glance over at Tanner across the room and smile knowing he was at peace, absorbed in his work.

While working with a small group of children, about an hour later Tanner, walked up to me like Tanner does… calm, centered and knowingly.

He waited until I was done giving a lesson and quietly said, “Ms. Kerri, would you like to see the book that I made?”  I shared that I certainly would.  He handed it to me and showed me how to open it and he said, “There’s pages inside”, and walked away, as quiet as the power of silence. 

I finished what I was doing with the other children

and then began my study of The Book of Tanner……

This book is very different from a book with page after page.  Tanner created the book by stapling many pages together in the form of a file.  And in each “file compartment” was a smaller piece of paper that we will call a page with one word written on it.

I looked at the entire book in awe.  He so carefully put the pages together and then stapled them just right so that it formed this unique style book.  Then I dove in to read it.

I took out the little pages one by one….

My heart sunk as I read Tanner’s affirmations.

The pages stated:

“Help the World”

“Be Nice”


“Help Animals”



“Help Old People”

What was so amazing about this book was that each word was resting in it’s own sacred space.

I truly feel this was symbolizing the importance of each message… not more or less important than the next.

I think that the pocket pages were reminders of how carefully we must hold onto to the Principles of Tanner and of Life.

One might say that a child could not consciously put so much symbolism in his writing at such an early age, but I believe, it is Tanner’s deep connection to the “Universal Spirituality” that one possesses inside and can tune into when one opens up to their inner child.

Many moments later, Tanner so calmly, centered and filled with a sense of knowing that he had touch my life forever….walked over, took his book and before walking away quietly said one sentence.

“It’s like an envelop, but it’s not sticky”……

I smiled knowing that Tanner had just provided me with a profound statement right in alignment with….”Nothing is worth more than this day” (by Goethe)

This statement about the sticky envelop reminded me that this deep child, so in tune with spirituality, was still a delicate blossoming child that appreciates the complexity of existence, but also the simplicity of the glue on an envelop.

When reflecting on this one sentence today, it brought my understanding of it, much, much deeper.

Life can be “Sticky” sometimes, but if you look deep within (the pages of his book and yourself)…you will find all of the guidance you need during your lifetime…..

We need look no further than…

“Help the World”

“Be Nice”


“Help Animals”




 “Help Old People”

I will keep The Book of Tanner in my heart forever.

I will share it with others, like I have shared so many other works.

I thank you Tanner for sharing your masterpiece and allowing me to look within and stay in tune with what is really important in our life time!

This, my friends is

Why the World Needs More Montessori……..




Post #1 Greetings from Flagler Beach Montessori School

As the director and one of the teachers of the Flagler Beach Montessori School, each day I observe our children so actively engaged in such meaningful work.  Their energy and their discoveries amaze me each and every moment.  We experience many, many life changing events in the classroom as facilitators in the learning environment.  One the goals of our school is to observe our children and creatively develop our classroom activities according to their desired interests and needs.  This is so our children can absorb as much from their surroundings as possible.  Observation is such an important element in any Montessori classroom.  This is how we learn to serve and better serve our children.  This blog is a means for us to communicate some of the treasured moments in and out of the classroom.  It is meant to inspire and it is a means for our school to share ideas and activities and treasured moments with our “Global Community”.  This blogging is new to me, so please be patient until I figure it all out!  Enjoy and thank you for reading…..Kerri Huckabee

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