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general school & classroom guidelines

Flagler Beach Montessori School supports a philosophy based on mutual respect for all members of our community and our world. It is our intention to create a safe, supportive, nurturing environment for students, parents, and staff.

There are some basic expectations we have for all members of our community. Please review, discuss, and model these guidelines with your child:

• Walk safely and calmly in the classrooms and hallways. – - -“walking feet”

• Use quiet, calm, and gentle voices, we try to avoid calling or yelling across the classroom. —”indoor voices”

• Be kind and gentle to others

• Respect privacy and be impeccable with your words when discussing the children and families of our world

 • Respect concentration; we let everyone work without unnecessary interruption; please just observe when children are fully engaged

• Respect other’s personal belongings; only touch when invited to do so (model asking permission)

• Take responsibility for the care of our classroom; return work in good order to shelves
Be kind to wildlife….please do not cage wild insects/animals for use in our classroom. Also, try to respect all living creatures in front of your children (killing all the little bugs that are in your space sends a very deep message to our children).  Remember, that we are trying to create compassionate and empathetic spirits!